Shubh's Recipes

I love cooking and here I will be sharing some common recipes. These will help you in making some of the delicious vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes.

Step by Step instructions: l. All of the recipes that I have added here have detailed steps with images for reference. These will ensure that you do not miss anything while making a particular recipe. For some of the articles, I will be posting videos on my Youtube channel.

Cooking adds life to your days, which you would otherwise spend doing nothing so significant.
When you get yourself into cooking, you are helping your body to break away from the monotony of life. The happiness you feel when somebody likes a dish that you have prepared is something that cannot be explained in words.

My Husband is also very passionate about cooking. Well, he likes experimenting stuff and I have to be his Chef. Clicking photos, capturing videos is something that he has been very helpful. He has also helped me in setting up this website and ensuring that I can add new dishes with ease.

Here, I'll be adding veg recipes, non veg recipes, healthy and not so healthy recipes too. Recipe step photos will help you a lot while making some dish.
Apart from cooking, I also like hiking and hence you'll see a lot of outdoor kind of recipes listed on my site. Like, maggi/pasta over a bonfire, earthern pot recipes, etc.

Hope you find my website useful. If you need to contact me, you can use the contact us page from the main menu. For individual recipe questions, you can always post a comment in the comments section of any particular recipe.