Indian Vegetarian Recipes, Indian Vegetable Dishes

Indian Veg recipes are the most frequently made dishes in any home. We do not eat meat frequently like the Europeans and hence veg meals are kind of the thing for us. Here, I have added the most popular vegetarian recipes of India.

Recipe Name Preparation Time Cooking Time Serves?
Potato Fry, Indian Spicy Potato Fry 10 minutes 20 minutes 2 people
Butter Palak Paneer 15 mins 15 mins 2 people
Baked Potatoes on Open Fire 10 minutes 30 minutes 2 people
Spicy Tangy Masala Makhana Recipe, Fox Nut Recipe 5 minutes 4 minutes 2 people
Roasted Makhana with Salt & Pepper | Roasted Foxnut 2 minutes 3 minutes 2 people